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Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Two summers ago we had the sun blotted out for weeks by smoke and raining ash from record forest fires.  Last summer we had record temperatures.  What will this coming summer bring?  We can't allow these sorts of events to become the new normal for us or for our children. We must continue to work toward renewable energy solutions and reducing pollution in the state of Oregon.

Last year, the Oregon legislature passed a law requiring our major power companies to move to 100% renewable energy by 2040.  This is a good step, but we must also pave the way for our smaller energy organizations and entrepreneurs to be able to startup and implement renewable energy programs as well, and to ease the difficulty of entry into the market. 

To help with this, we will fight to incentivize these organizations to make meaningful moves toward renewable energy production at scale.  We will also move to implement a group of renewable energy navigators that will:

  • Work with our energy organizations, counties, and the state to map the process of how new renewable energy production enters the market from front to end. 
  • Work alongside these organizations to smooth transition toward renewable energy.
  • Advocate for meaningful changes in process where difficulties are found.


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